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Solving Water

Let's Solve Water

Let's Solve Water.  That is our company's mission and our urgent call to action.  Time is not on our side.  For too long, too many people have taken water for granted and now all of us are waking up to the fact – or directly feeling the damaging economic and health effects – of global shortages of clean, safe water. 

At Xylem, our goal is to find sustainable solutions to the world's water problems.  We are committed to developing better and more sustainable ways to use, move, treat, test and think about this essential and elemental resource. From water re-use systems for companies and towns to Xylem Watermark educational projects targeted to schoolchildren in emerging markets, we are looking ahead and helping our customers and communities do the same.

At Xylem, we say Let's Solve Water because this endeavor will take cooperation, partnerships and hands-on participation, along with the courage to innovate and change the way we view the availability and value of water.  We're up to the challenge and teaming with other thought leaders, including our new Water Advisory Board and Xylem Watermark partners, to stay ahead of the onrushing issues.​​​​