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Product Stewardship and Supply Chain

Product Stewardship

Xylem makes products for all parts of the water cycle. In many cases, just by performing their jobs, our products are serving a sustainable purpose by preserving our water supplies. But beyond that, we build them to be as energy-efficient as possible and in compliance with safety and environmental regulations, such as Europe's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

Sustainability factors into our research and development efforts, and we strive to provide equipment designed for long-term use, repairing or updating them through aftermarket services rather than replacing them. We use life-cycle assessments to measure the environmental impact of many of our products and inform customers through Environmental Product Declarations. We're expanding this best practice to all parts of Xylem.

Our sustainability efforts also include suppliers who are part of our "extended family." We only want to work with suppliers who reflect our values and have established a set of expectations to ensure that – from safety to diversity – they are upholding our high standards. ​​​

Feature Story

With New Quick-Fix Feature, Pumps are Slow to Enter Waste Stream
By making our Flygt Ready™ pumps easier for customers to service, we extended their pumping lives and reduced their environmental impact.  Click hereto learn more.​