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From Site Dewatering to Underground Construction, Xylem is a Leader

​Whether you’re building, maintaining or repairing, no other company offers a more versatile range of dewatering products than Xylem.
Additionally, our heavy-duty pumps play a role in the most critical infrastructure projects across the world, including pipeline and utility construction.

​For marine construction, our extensive experience in barge ballasting has helped move bridges around the world. Our unparalleled diesel-powered high-lift pumps provide the pressure needed to complete your most challenging underwater construction operations.

At Xylem, we offer a wide array of products and solutions for the construction industry including:

  • The most durable products for the toughest dewatering applications for construction sites, including:
    • Site drainage
    • Bentonite slurry pumping
    • Stream diversions
    • Process water supply
    • Active dewatering
    • Wellpoint dewatering
    • Tunneling
  • A full range of electric submersible pumps for general duty in construction dewatering, drainage and dirty water applications
  • Hydraulic submersible pumps with outstanding performance and operating efficiencies when electricity is not available
  • Fully automatic self-priming diesel, electric or natural gas powered, solids-handling dry-priming pumps for high-volume and high-discharge heads; available on sturdy skid or mounted on a highway trailer
  • Pump systems for barge ballasting

Construction Case Studies

An intelligent Flow Control solution that outsmarted the competition

​Xylem’s Flow Control team in China successfully included a vehicle-mounted diesel refueling pump on SANY’s new hydraulic excavator.

Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago is one of the premier medical facilities in the country. It comes as no surprise that only the best partners would be invited to construct the hospital’s new location, the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.